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  • In Frankfurt

    Christoph von Dohnányi worked at several periods in Frankfurt during his career: first as rehearsal pianist for Sir George Solti, and later as General and Music Director of the Frankfurt Opera. Next to a set of rehearsal photos and portraits from these periods, there is also a copy of Christoph von Dohnányi's first ID card, issued by Frankfurt Opera in 1953, and a set of pictures from being awarded the Goethe Medal in 1979.


  • Lübeck years

    A selection of portraits from the Lübeck years, as well as rehearsal pictures with stage director Karlheinz Hundorf.


  • Vienna State Opera 1992/93

    During Wagner's Ring performances at the Vienna State Opera with Kurt Rydl


  • In Salzburg

    Christoph von Dohnányi in Salzburg, together with Alfred Brendel, Hanna Schwarz and Gerard Mortier